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Megapixel IP camera PIXEYE MEGA

High quality 2 MPix CMOS sensor

  • Resolutions from 320x240 to 1600x1200
  • Progressive Scan, AWB, BLC
  • MJPEG comression
  • Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom (No moving parts)
  • Integrated webserver and intuitive web interface
  • Power Over Ehternet (POE)
  • Compact size
  • Low Light Mode

High resolution IP camera. 2 Megapixel videosurveillance over the standard Ethernet network.

Technical specifications:

  • Video Sensor: New generation 2 MPix CMOS ultra low noise sensor
  • Optical format: 1/3
  • Progressive Scan
  • Dynamic range: >71 dB
  • Light sensitivity:
  • 0,5 lx (with IR filter), 0,03 lx (without IR filter)
  • Automatic exposure (AE/AES)
  • Sensor Auto gain control (AGC)
  • Auto white ballance (AWB)
  • Backlight compensation (BLC)
  • Flicker noise filter 50/60Hz
  • Pixel Binning Mode 2x2
  • Digital Pan-Tilt-Zoom.
  • Lenses: Standard C or CS mount, megapixel type

For more details: pixeye.eu

Autonomous 2 MPIX GSM Network Camera


The device is designed for remote monitoring through shooting of all kind of targets which are located on places without internet connection. The camera is provided with high quality 2 Mpix CMOS sensor, which allows receiving of live colours detailed images at wide dynamic range of lighting.

The pictures received from the camera are saved on special internet high reliable server using GSM modem SonyEricsson. The type of the mobile connection is GPRS. Besides shooting the camera makes precise measurement of the temperature of the environment every hour sending this information at regular intervals to the control server.

The device is put in water reistant box, it runs outdoors under all type of climatic conditions. It is powered by the power grid (220 V). By request we offer Solar power supply with battery, which makes the camera fully autonomus you don`t need electricity or internet connection, just GSM coverage in your region.

Pixeye Explorer

For more details: pixeye.eu

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