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Information boards
------ Digital
------ Mechanical

Monitoring and Control
------ Cameras
------ Sensors
------ Lenses

Visual Communication
------ Illuminated
------ Not illuminated
------ Reflecting light

------ Road
------ Advertising
------ Information

------ Warning
------ Technical safety
------ Indicative
------ Pictograms


Modern solutions
for visual communication and information

Welcome to TechnoSign.eu

In this site you can find suitable and quality products related to construction and renovation of systems for visual information and control systems, covering different areas:
- Organization of transport;
- Optimization of parking areas;
- Monitoring and security;
- Electronic panels and signs for tunnels with variable information in accordance with specific customer needs.

provides useful and timely information on new trends and solutions for improving road safety, working conditions and facilitating the commute of people with disabilities, applied around the world and waiting to be introduced in Bulgaria.

technosign in metropolitain
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