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Information boards
------ Digital
------ Mechanical

Monitoring and Control
------ Cameras
------ Sensors
------ Lenses

Visual Communication
------ Illuminated
------ Not illuminated
------ Reflecting light

------ Road
------ Advertising
------ Information

------ Warning
------ Technical safety
------ Indicative
------ Pictograms

Optical components and lenses

One of the most important features of any camera is the quality of the image. It depends on the choice of optics and image sensor and on the processing power, as well as on the algorithms in the processing chip. No matter how good the digital or conventional camera is, it cannot produce high quality images, if it does not start with a good lens.

The choice of lens is very important in the process of developing of video sureillance systems. It is dependent on the characteristics of the application. The manufacturers rarely give information about the quality of the images. We at PixEye measure most of the lens characteristics - the resolution, distortion and colour reproduction of the lenses.

We choose for you the most appropriate lenses for different kind of cameras and applications. We have rich variety of lenses and optical elements at disposal.



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