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Information boards
------ Digital
------ Mechanical

Monitoring and Control
------ Cameras
------ Sensors
------ Lenses

Visual Communication
------ Illuminated
------ Not illuminated
------ Reflecting light

------ Road
------ Advertising
------ Information

------ Warning
------ Technical safety
------ Indicative
------ Pictograms


We produce a pictograms and signs for hotels, banks, administrative buildings, fitness halls, shops, offices and public places.

Pictograms and plates with Braille text.

3d pictograms - Made of PVC, as well as of other materials, plexiglass or wood.

Pictograms of self-adhesive PVC foil.

Signs for elevators.

Engraved signs for machines and equipment

All signs are weatherproof - they can also be used outdoors. Standard sizes: 12 x 12 cm. We also produce non-standard sizes to order.

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